We are an award-winning interior design studio, designing for innovation, sustainability, well-being & excellent user experience.


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Our People

  • May Fawzy photo
    May Fawzy photo

    May Fawzy

    Founder & Creative Director

    I am the founder and Director of MF Design Studio and currently serve as the President of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) for 2023-2024. With a BA degree with Honours in Interior Architecture and years of experience in multinational architecture firms, I established MF Design Studio in 2015, specializing in commercial interiors and successfully delivering multi-million-pound projects, working with world class global brands. As a WELL approved professional, I am dedicated to enhancing occupant health and well-being in the built environment.

    Outside of my professional pursuits, I enjoy creating watercolour landscapes and still life paintings. I also enjoy driving my children to hockey and squash fixtures in the weekend!

  • Agata photo
    Agata photo


    Interior Designer

    Great design can influence people’s mood for the better. My strong technical foundation learned from my Masters in Architecture and Urban Planning leads my intuitive eye for detail. I strive to create beautiful yet functional spaces that lead to extraordinary experiences. I have 20 years of experience in the field of architecture and design; delivering multi-sector projects in both local and international locations, with some of London’s leading businesses and the world’s best-known brands.

    Photography is my tool and passion to tell my stories of the things I love to explore: Nature, spaces and objects. To paraphrase photographer Ansel Adams, "The great design fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense".

  • Reginald photo
    Reginald photo


    Interior Designer

    I am a Senior Interior Designer with a BA Honours degree in Architecture. Having over 15 years’ diverse experience working within the Interior Design and Architecture sector globally, has offered me a rich and multifaceted career.

    Design is an interpretation of oneself, balancing the fusion of form and function. Creating a unique and personalized environment is important for our emotional well-being. This notion is crucial in my strive to achieve designs that are always unique to each individual or group.

    In my free time, I have a great love for the outdoors and enjoy mountain biking and snowboarding. Michael Jordan is one of my heroes, so I also have a huge passion for basketball and the Chicago Bulls.

  • Oliwia photo
    Oliwia photo


    Interior Designer

    I am an Interior and Technical Designer with a master's degree in Architecture Interior Design. My journey through various creative industries, including exhibitions and events, has not only enriched my skills but also fuelled my passion for innovative design.

    Over the years, I have found my niche in workspace commercial design and technical planning, bringing my expertise to an array of projects. 

    Beyond the confines of the design studio, I indulged in the great outdoors, riding my bike. Gardening and knitting allow me to weave my creative vision into tangible forms.

  • Fred photo
    Fred photo



    Fresh out of university I bring fresh ideas in sustainability and trends. My masters in humanities, taught that fashion is circular. My knowledge of past trends, and the social change that made them, leads to authentic designs that can respect the host building and never go out of style.

    I enjoy practicing furniture restoration, as David Gauntlett wrote in Making is Connecting that there is a connection to be regained through crafting by hand.

  • Phillip photo
    Phillip photo



    I am a skilled and enthusiastic designer with a broad spectrum of experience, commercial office, retail, hospitality and residential. A technically focused interior designer, who can take projects from concept stage through to completion, with over 23 years of extensive knowledge of the construction industry. From early in my career, it became clear that my main specialism was technical drawing and technical design. I really enjoy working out how things go together, to achieve the desired look, of a project without any compromises. 

    In my spare time I enjoy swimming and continuing creativity through painting, drawing & writing.

  • Sherif photo
    Sherif photo


    Business Consultant

    I have been passionate about growing businesses throughout my career and with my executive MBA degree in the Imperial College, I support the business side of MF Design Studio. The passion of growing small businesses grew over the years, its an absolute pleasure being part of the MFDS story. A passionate and dedicated team that deserves the best business setup to flourish and be fended from market fluctuations. I also support MFDS wide range of sophisticated consultancy services for our clients, optimising office space, office layout,  improving wellbeing and reducing commute carbon footprint based on numerical and geographical analyses.

Our Services

  • Workplace Strategy photo

    Workplace Strategy

    We believe that a well-crafted workplace strategy is not just about space; it's about people, culture, and innovation. Our team of experienced strategists collaborates closely with you to understand your unique needs, challenges, and goals. Using a combination of data analysis, employee feedback, and industry insights, we develop a customized solution that empowers your organization to thrive in the modern workplace landscape.

  • Concept and spacial design photo

    Concept and spacial design

    In Stage 2 and 3 of the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) framework, we will take your vision and transform it into a tangible concept. We delve deep into the nuances of your project, conducting thorough site assessments, feasibility studies, and stakeholder consultations. Our goal is to craft a comprehensive concept and spatial design that not only meets your objectives but also optimizes functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering excellence, we guide your project through these crucial stages, setting the foundation for a successful and inspiring space.

  • Technical Design photo

    Technical Design

    When it comes to the technical intricacies of our projects, Stages 4 and 5 of the RIBA framework is where our precision and expertise truly shine. We excel in this phase, meticulously translating our conceptual ideas into detailed technical drawings and specifications. Our seasoned team of technical designers work collaboratively to ensure that every aspect of your project aligns with the highest standards of safety, functionality, compliance and aesthetics. Coordinating our architectural design with the electrical & mechanical systems, audio visual design, acoustics and IT leave no stone unturned, providing the foundation for seamless construction and the realization of our design vision.

  • Consultancy & Design Management photo

    Consultancy & Design Management

    Our client representation service acts as your advocate and expert liaison in the design and construction process. We safeguard your interests, negotiate on your behalf, and oversee project logistics, ensuring that your vision is faithfully realized, timelines are met, budgets are adhered to, and quality standards are maintained. Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free experience while achieving your design goals with precision and efficiency.

  • Product design photo

    Product design

    Our experienced team specializes in translating concepts into tangible, user-centred, and aesthetically pleasing products. From ideation to prototyping, we harness our expertise in design, materials, and manufacturing to bring ideas to life, ensuring that form and function are seamlessly integrated. With a focus on innovation and marketability, we are committed to delivering innovative, high-quality products that align with your vision and end-users' needs."

  • Signage and wayfinding photo

    Signage and wayfinding

    Signage and wayfinding design is a vital service that enhances user experiences within physical environments. Our team excels in creating intuitive and effective signage systems that guide and inform space users, ensuring they navigate spaces with ease and confidence. Whether it's for commercial properties, campuses, or public spaces, our design solutions blend functionality and design, promoting a seamless and memorable experience for all users while reflecting your unique brand identity.

Our Sectors

  • £

    Banking & Finance

    Our design service for the finance and banking sector is engineered to provide secure, efficient, and professional environments that prioritize employees' well-being. Working with world class global brands in the financial sector, we create secure and welcoming environments that instil trust and professionalism. Our designs often feature well-organized layouts and advanced security measures.

  • Energy

    Our design service is tailored to the unique needs of this industry, with a primary focus on safety, operational efficiency, and innovation. We prioritize safety measures and ergonomic design to ensure employee well-being, while also integrating advanced technology infrastructure. Sustainability and adaptability are key features of our designs, aligning with the sector's commitment to environmental responsibility.

  • Law and legal

    Our design service is crafted to meet the distinct needs of law firms and legal professionals. We understand the importance of privacy, security, and professionalism in legal environments. Our designs prioritize confidential meeting spaces, secure document storage, and advanced technology infrastructure to support legal research and communication. Aesthetic elements complement the industry's prestige, fostering a professional and welcoming atmosphere for clients and staff.

  • Tech & Data

    Our design service is uniquely tailored to meet the demanding requirements of this industry while prioritizing employee well-being. We specialize in creating highly secure, technologically advanced environments that can accommodate the critical operations of data centres and tech firms. Additionally, we integrate elements that promote employee well-being, such as ergonomic workstations, break areas, and natural lighting, recognizing that a comfortable and healthy work environment is essential in fostering productivity and job satisfaction.

  • Co-working Spaces and Cat A+

    Our design service is built on the principle of fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment while promoting individual and collective well-being. We specialize in creating flexible, modern workspaces that accommodate diverse work styles and foster a sense of community. Our designs feature adaptable layouts, ergonomic furnishings, and advanced technology infrastructure, facilitating a seamless and productive work experience. Additionally, we emphasize security and privacy to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive work while encouraging networking and interaction.

  • Fashion & high-end retail

    Our design service is dedicated to creating luxurious, immersive environments that merge elegance with functionality. We specialize in crafting visually stunning spaces that reflect the brand's image and values while optimizing the shopping experience. Our designs feature exquisite interior detailing, innovative display solutions, and strategic lighting to accentuate products and engage customers on an emotional level. We also integrate wellness-focused elements, such as natural materials and an inviting ambiance, to provide a holistic, high-end experience.

  • Education & Public Sector

    In the education sector, we design spaces that foster learning and collaboration. Our designs often include flexible classrooms, interactive spaces, and modern facilities that support educational goals and provide a positive experience for students and staff.

  • Hospitality

    Our design service is centred around creating memorable and inviting spaces that prioritize guest comfort, well-being, and an unforgettable experience. We specialize in designing hotels, restaurants, and leisure spaces that combine functionality with aesthetics. Our designs encompass luxurious furnishings, captivating interior themes, and innovative layouts that enhance guest satisfaction. We focus on ergonomics and comfort, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay.

  • Entertainment

    Crafting innovative workspaces for media clients, our design service merges functionality with aesthetics. Emphasizing collaboration, we integrate cutting-edge tech, ergonomic elements, and vibrant aesthetics to reflect brand identity. From dynamic open layouts to flexible workstations, our designs inspire creativity. We prioritize adaptability, ensuring spaces evolve seamlessly with changing workflows and growth, fostering an efficient and collaborative media-centric environment.

Our Clients

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Sustainability & Wellbeing

  • Certification photo


    Our service is dedicated to designing and implementing sustainable solutions that help businesses achieve specific sustainability certifications. We specialize in crafting environmentally responsible design plans, incorporating energy-efficient systems, waste reduction strategies, and eco-friendly materials to meet the requirements of certifications like LEED, BREEAM, or Green Globe. Our expert design team works closely with clients to ensure that their spaces not only meet the stringent standards of these certifications but also promote a more sustainable and eco-conscious approach in their operations, enhancing their environmental reputation and market competitiveness.

  • Sustainable Design Collective photo

    Sustainable Design Collective

    We are honoured to be active members of the Sustainable Design Collective, a forward-thinking and collaborative group dedicated to driving sustainability initiatives within the realm of workplace design. Our collective mission revolves around fostering connections, inspiring innovation, and actively engaging with the design community to create a lasting impact. We acknowledge that the journey towards enhanced environmental responsibility and sustainability is a formidable challenge, one that requires collective effort. Our commitment to collaboration is rooted in the understanding that it is essential to accelerate the pace of positive change, making significant strides in adopting 'best practices' and sustainable solutions that reshape the way we approach workplace design and environmental responsibility. By working together, we aim to make a substantial contribution to a more sustainable and eco-conscious future.

  • Wellbeing photo


    As a WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP), we bring an exceptional level of expertise in promoting health and well-being in building design and construction. Our service is designed to help clients navigate the complexities of achieving WELL certification for their projects. We specialize in integrating the principles of WELL, such as air quality, lighting, and ergonomic considerations, into the design, ensuring that spaces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also conducive to the health and well-being of occupants. By collaborating closely with our clients, we can lead them towards the successful achievement of WELL certification, creating environments that prioritize the health and satisfaction of those who inhabit them.